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they’re spent
searching for a spot on the sun

or i foolishly parade
vague causes
littering the muted city streets
with shredded alumni college magazines

or flailing my sun-burnt limbs
in the middle of a bike lane

gawking at the theatrical, omniscient faces,
mooning the immortal Guthrie playwrights and poets
dreaming of an alternate life in Delaware or Quebec

these foreseen days
congeal, clump, distill
into decent cups of coffee
and omelettes with no butter

listing accomplishments
since graduating college

or dreaming
of alluring dead celebrities
threesomes with Kurt and Jimmy Em

or sinking into that golden, medal lawn
melting into the dank earth
cringing as the grass blades sew themselves into my skin

yes, i wanna fade
can’t you see that’s what i’m doing

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