The Eaten Young (First Draft)

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obey your parents

in the Lord

for Mr. and Mrs. Wright,

Mr. and Mrs. Jones,

and the McKinleys, the Dials, the Jamisons, the Browns, the Kierkegaards, the Abbotts…

Welcome to our generation,

a confused caste

of Entitled Warriors,

who are nosy, misguided,

composed of colored-paper skin

and matchstick bones.

We invite you to our feast

of rich delicacies:

Gadgets, Bluetooth, Apple, Google,

avocado toast, scales, pour-overs, Spotify,

social media

Platforms to dive into

an aqua world of networks,

authentic brands, markets sleazy or brutally honest.

Sit, enjoy,

no, no need to thank.

How could you?


obey your parents

in the Lord

for Mr. and Mrs. Wrigte,

the Hodgsons, Lopezes, Calhouns,

Forsythes, Finches, Berrys,


Your gratitude is worth nothing here.

We proudly bathe

in puddles, mud pies,

and live off rainwater and fresh basil.

How you adore watching us perform

on the vast stages:

The Offices, The DMVs, The Churches, The Dealerships

how you fix your marionette grins

as we purchase our vehicle tabs with pocket change

tear our insides from the outside,

assuring us,

“Anxiety is a state of mind.

Just breathe, get some fresh air, listen to beautiful music,

you’ll be fine.

Sit back, relax.

Let us share stories

of true American heroes.”


obey your parents

in the Lord

for Mr. and Mrs. President of the United States of America,

the Vice President, the Secretary of State, the President Pro Tempore,

the Majority and Minority Leaders, the Treasurer, the Deputy Secretary of Defense…

How reassuring,

shaking your heads at our foolish whining.

Naive, to listen to such incompetent


Shame on us for spitting at you,

at the world, the cruel banal earth,

for cleaning after ourselves,

starving for what’s good.

It can’t sustain us.

Justice. Retribution. Equality. Fairness.

The Least of Us have received our dues.

If the rest of us are smart,

we’ll awake, make your coffee,

smile, laugh, play house,

and let humanity be

listen to Mother Mary

That’s me! and her! and her!


obey your parents

in the Lord

for this is right.

It’s right.

It’s right.

It’s right.

It’s right.

Your Commandments:


consider the Lilies of The Field.

They are NOT as vital

as the kings, dukes, and world leaders.

They’re just useless plants

an obstacle

for the Housing Market.

this is right

this is right

this is right

Lift up your hearts.

Lift them to Us

and Your Lord and Savior.

I pledge allegiance

to nobody

just you

and a commodified symbol,

a jingo that wishes

we were consumed, extinct,

for wanting what’s noble

just, the lesser of any evil,

and for that, I have been cast with my fellow snowflakes

in a nationalist hell.

Serving an American God

in a greasy cauldron.

I trust our feast

met to your satisfaction.

Has it,

Mr. and Mrs. Wright?


obey your parents.



No, no thank you.

Born and raised in CA. Film, literature, music, poetry, mostly gay/queer/GSM topics. Stick around if I haven’t bored you yet.

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