Shades of Blue

a layer poem

Arthur Ramirez


Source: Ed Robertson from Unsplash

lapis lazuli

you’re thick and rich
enough to paint these
sour cream walls
you’ve tinted these palm lines with
an extraterrestrial’s blood


with two shaky hands
I swab your face
and reveal your stained yellow
I step aside, aching to be
swabbed by you


that was the end of
my shivering, when
you draped me
in your coffee-spotted
I still quiver when
you drape yourself over me


i grasp the stem
i salivate
lips inches from your left nipple
my hair is a shredded flag
on your thigh
as we invade each other’s
corners, crevices
then we kiss




Arthur Ramirez

Aspiring novelist and amateur poet and op-ed writer on gay/queer/GSM topics. CA —> MN —> ? Stick around if I haven’t bored you yet.