My Personal Gay Anthem: Bjork’s “All Is Full of Love”

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Source: Wall Street Journal

“You’ll be given love/You’ll be taken care of/You’ll be given love/You have to trust it.”

Why bring this up? This, in my opinion, was a turning point. This is where Bjork showed her true colors. Her reaction to this terrifying ordeal was the best I would expect from any artist confronted by an unhinged fanatic.

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Source: Pitchfork

“Maybe not from the sources/You have poured yours/Maybe not from the directions/You are staring at.”

My experiences in rejection haven’t, in any way, matched the devastating blow Lopez had suffered. For one, mine have been grounded in reality as opposed to a fantasy that was improbable of materializing. Yet my own run-ins with love lost, those numerous “sorry-but-i’m-not-gay” or “sorry-but-I-don’t-see-you-that-way” responses if I ever profess my love to my crush, they are real, and they hurt. As I’ve discussed in previous articles, hammering my cramps has been routine, but there are days it gets too overbearing. Wanting someone to be yours, only yours, hoping each interaction carries a sign, a hint, that they like you or are interested in creating a wondrous intimacy with you, wanting to hug or kiss them, only to find out, no, sorry, it was all in your head. We’ve all been there, and some of these dismissals, genial or mean-spirited, have left us aching, morose, despondent over the time and effort wasted, and perhaps feeling guilty you hadn’t recognized them as a friend instead of a potential partner. And as you cradle whatever was left of your dignity, you readjust yourself back to your scheduled programming.

“Twist your head around/It’s all around you/All is full of love/All around you.”

“All Is Full of Love”, after a double whammy of unraveling and worrisome self-actualization, is the touching revelation. To quote one gravel-voiced Dark Knight, sometimes we do deserve to have our faith rewarded. “All Is Full of Love” is Bjork’s achievement of inner peace and meditation. It’s a sliver, yes, only four and a half minutes long, but a substantial unveiling of a beautiful phenomenon: herself. Heartbroken, yes. Spiritually battered, yes. Weary, heavy-laden, certainly. But “All Is Full of Love” reveals the pure essence of her lifelong dedication to her art, her devotion to her fans, and most importantly, to herself. Despite her trials, the nastiness, and cruel indifference the world can spout, she chooses to seek the best in everything. The love in everything and everyone. She has faith the love she seeks from other avenues of life will fulfill her need.

“You just ain’t receiving/Your phone is off the hook/Your doors are all shut/All is full of love.”

No matter how dejected I get, plagued by gay loneliness, I turn to Bjork for my inspiration. She faced a horrific adversity at the start of her career, a nightmare she is probably still warding off, and she chose to reconstruct inward, not for publicity or philanthropy. She chose to seek love even when there didn’t seem to be any. Out of respect for Lopez’s family, Bjork allows her art to speak for her progress as a musician, refusing to profit from their collective grief and permitting the public to decide for themselves how to process this dark, surreal time in her life.

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“All is full of love/All around you.”

Keep doing you. I can’t wait for the next album.

Born and raised in CA. Film, literature, music, poetry, mostly gay/queer/GSM topics. Stick around if I haven’t bored you yet.

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