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I miss you

and your unkempt raven black hair that you

brush with your listless fingers.

I miss the flash of your stained yellow teeth,

that flawed porcelain gate

and a fortress for my mouth.

I miss you

and the unyielding sparkle in your obsidian eyes

as you cackle and shrug me from your universe.

I miss when you held me

in your sweltering cocoon

amidst bitter, bourbon-chilled Saturday nights.

I miss when you exhaled

into my coffee-creamed neck,

those childish palms painting portraits on my back.

and I imagine my naked, helpless body

and you, naked and vulnerable, I imagine

Would become part of me too, a craving


as we cringe and kiss

and I fucking weep

muted joyful tears,

dampening your feverish cheeks

and I imagine our last breath

Drawn, exhaled, and evaporated from the grasp of

This stupid memory.

Born and raised in CA. Film, literature, music, poetry, mostly gay/queer/GSM topics. Stick around if I haven’t bored you yet.

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