I Beseech You, Dearest Sages

A poem of awe.

Arthur Ramirez


For Raequan Wilson, Sam Raiche, and Killian Powers.

Photo Credit: Nathan Lindahl on Unsplash

You have many Creators, all
from the far reaches of this dying Earth.
You wondrous, warm-blooded specimen,
you are molded from different terrains.

Hair of reeds
by vibrant inlets

Knolls of supple flesh
underneath sun-kissed skin

Clean, defined structure
nose, cheek, and jawline
scrubbed, slathered
in sweet, dewy-grey clay

Scoriae Eyes
lodged within
your rugged sockets

Kaolinite Teeth
into a condoling grin

and sculpted
by two divine hands
the Crisp, Refined Fjords
of your sturdy, muscular arms

overflowing with roots, dried leaves
eroded tree stumps, dusty, thirsty canals
the perfume of pine and…



Arthur Ramirez

Aspiring novelist and amateur poet and op-ed writer on gay/queer/GSM topics. CA —> MN —> ? Stick around if I haven’t bored you yet.