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i’m not falling apart i’m not falling apart i refuse i refuse i refuse to fall apart i’m not falling apart I AM NOT

You see all those dirty looks? Yeah, everybody hates you.

wax the floor vacuum the carpets throw out the trash fix supper reorganize the fridge pay the electric bill ask dad to borrow the camper for a weekend at grand marais buy more olive oil oregano and fresh mozzarella

I’m reaching for you.

It’s cold here.

Am I for sale?

I’m grabbing nothing.

I wish they’d allow me into their relationship. I wouldn’t mind being a part of a threesome. I’ve stripped myself of all dignity.

How long have you been staring at me?

It’s nights like these, thrashing and moaning in my bed, I live for.

There’s nothing here for you.

I wonder what it’s like, living and screwing the same person for the rest of your life.

You would, wouldn’t you?

I’ve passed out at eight PM for two weeks straight.

I could wrap my hands around your throat and strangle you right now. Terrified of me yet?

I wish you could be more like your brother.

Is it too late to insult you with the name “bourgeois”?

Does it look like I’m disappearing? I feel like I am.

They’ll never come to my wedding. They don’t care.

You cut yourself shaving again.

It scares me how much people want from you.

Walk back a hundred steps. It hurts to be near you.

Do you drink anything else besides IPAs?

Nothing can happen between us. I’m with her now.

I just close my eyes, and that’s my heaven right there.

D’you wanna be me for a day? Nah, I’ll just linger in the space between our bodies and wait until you’re done.

He’s been out for ten years and still doesn’t have a boyfriend.

It’s way too hot in here.

Don’t antagonize me. I’ve eaten grosser crap.

I’m not looking for love, but I wouldn’t mind someone wanting me.

It’s not a big deal. Just close your eyes, and I’ll do the rest.

Just close your eyes and walk right through me. I’ve stopped caring.

hes not gay hes not gay hes not gay no no no no no no i made the whole thing up in my head dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit

He sighed, rubbed his greasy, whiskered cheek, and said, “No.”

You two aren’t in love. You both play it too safe.

I’m way too drunk to debate over your love life.

i want your boyfriend and your boyfriend and your boyfriend and hers and hers

Just say it. I’m disgusting.

I left him a letter professing my love. He never responded.

He got drunk again, and now he’s sobbing into the toilet. Please talk to him. I can’t handle anymore basket cases tonight.

Did she say yes?

Every time you touch me, I want to cry

He’s not right for you. You deserve better.

Just say it. You’re afraid gay men want to rape straight men.

I have a strange notion I’m gonna see the end of the world.

I hate it.

What would it be like, to throw yourself over the edge of a building?

I hate this, too.

Hey, this is my favorite song. Have you heard it?

Is there a nicer way of saying, “You’re an awful person”?

I wish I could love you, but I can’t.

If only you were a woman.

If only you liked men.

If only you would notice me.

Excuse me, sir.

This isn’t a resting place.

You need to leave.



Born and raised in CA. Film, literature, music, poetry, mostly gay/queer/GSM topics. Stick around if I haven’t bored you yet.

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